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Thursday, April 15, 2021


Course Outline

Course Description

This course examines communications systems and design and production processes with emphasis on television, video and film production. Students will create, manage and distribute complex electronic, graphic, recorded or audio-visual projects independently and in project teams. Students will also study the industry standards and regulations and health and safety issues, the importance of lifelong learning, and the impact of communications technology on society and the environment.


Where Does It Lead?
Many students go on to take TGJ4M.

Why Should I take this course?

This course is an introduction to TGJ4M. Students should take this course if they have an interest in film, television broadcasting, radio, or music production.
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Units of Study

15 hours - Digital Advertising
20 hours - Script Writting
20 hours - Radio Production
20 hours - Video Editing
25 hours - News / Television Broadcasting
10 hours - Film Production

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Mark Break Down

    70% - Term Assessment
  • 40% - Practical
  • 15% - Tests
  • 15% - Assignments
  • 30% - Final Summative Assessment
  • 15% - Final Demonstration
  • 15% - Final Exam
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