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Friday, July 03, 2020


Hardware Project

Each student will research a type of hardware in detail.

To be done:

  1. Pick a type of hardware that you would like to research. Ie. Motherboards.
  2. Get your topic approved by me.
  3. Take detailed notes from research from the internet. Make sure that you keep notes on where and when you have found the information.
  4. Prepare a ten minute presentation on your topic. Please try to use physical examples, presentation software and / or overheads.
  5. Prepare a three to four page typed report that includes a bibliography. Include five multiple choice questions on your topic and one short answer question.


  • Presentation
    • /5 Use of visual examples
    • /5 Accuracy of information
    • /5 Presentation skills (ie. speaking clearly, knowing material, time of 10 minutes)
  • Report
    • /10 Information
    • /5 Grammer / Spelling
    • /5 Bibliography
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Hardware / Software / Operating System

  1. Program Language Scavenger Hunt
  2. Parts of the Computer Presentation
  3. Network / Home Computer Security

Problem Solving

  1. Take Home Test

The Computer and Society


Major Projects

  1. Computer Interests Presentation
  2. Culminating Activity
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