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Networking Project:  TEJ3M

Computer networking is the engineering discipline concerned with communication between computer systems.  Part of this communication process involves the laying out of computer nodes and an appropriate transmission medium.  The goal of this project is to modify the computer network in our classroom.  We would like to have proper drop boxes, cabling and conduit for each of the computer work stations within his classroom.  We would also like to set up a server and  printer to the network.

Your task is to provide a layout, design, list of materials and cost for this project.  You will work in groups like different departments within a business.  Each group will be responsible for a part of this project.  The group will write-up a small proposal (at least 1 page) and then present this proposal to the other groups.  Within this proposal there should be at least 2, but not more than 3 options.  For example you may look at plastic conduit as one option, metal conduit as the other option.  The following groups/departments will be formed along with the corresponding responsibilities:

1.  Design/Layout Team  -  Design

- Decide on location of nodes, drop boxes, server, printer

- Determine how and where network will connect into existing school network

- Create a design plan drawn to scale with measurements

2.  Materials Team - Material List

- Design analysis

- Inventory of components that are currently on hand

- Create a materials list including all items that need to be purchased


3.  Material Source & Cost Team

- Research source and pricing for each of the items

- Compile a total cost for the project on a spread sheet.

4.  Project Schedule

- Produce a work schedule as to what has to be done when

- Schedule arrival of purchased components

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