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Friday, January 15, 2021


Course Outline

Course Description
This course helps students understand and apply computer-engineering concepts. Students will analyze and design computer components, such as logic circuits and interfaces; develop and construct systems and write the associated computer programs to drive real-world devices, such as traffic lights, models, and robots; and explore networking hardware, protocols, and configurations. As well as developing project-management skills, students will examine the ethics of computer use and explore related educational requirements and careers.


Where Does It Lead?
Computer or Electrical Engineering at the University level or Computer or Electrical Technician at the College level.

Why Should I take this course?
This course give students project based experience in the computer technology field.

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Units of Study

10 hours - Hardware/Software/Operating Systems
10 hours - Networking
25 hours - Digital Logic and Electronic Circuits
20 hours - Computer Programming
45 hours - Computer Interfacing

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Mark Break Down

    70% - Term Assessment
  • 40% - Practical
  • 15% - Tests
  • 15% - Assignments
  • 30% - Final Summative Assessment
  • 15% - Final Demonstration
  • 15% - Final Exam
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