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Friday, January 15, 2021


Course Outline

Course Description
This course helps students understand how computer hardware and software are used to solve computer related problems from an engineering perspective. Students will explore ways of connecting computers, interfaces, and peripherals using their knowledge of logic gates, computer components, peripherals, programming, networks, and operating systems. Students will also construct systems that use computer programs to interact with hardware, install and configure key computer hardware and software components, develop an understanding of the ethical use of computers, and explore careers in computer engineering.


Where Does It Lead?

Why Should I take this course?
This course is an introduction to TEJ4M . Students should take this course if they are planning on taking Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering,  Computer Technician, or Electrical Technician courses at the post secondary level.

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Units of Study

18 hours - Hardware/Software/Operating Systems
17 hours - Networking
20 hours - Digital Logic and Electronic Circuits
25 hours - Computer Programming
30 hours - Computer Interfacing

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Mark Break Down

    70% - Term Assessment
  • 40% - Practical
  • 15% - Tests
  • 15% - Assignments
  • 30% - Final Summative Assessment
  • 15% - Final Demonstration
  • 15% - Final Exam
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