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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Final Program Requirements

You need to have the following things in the zip file that you hand in for your final project. This is nessasary for the game to work on the arcade machine.

  1. Credits: Credits must access ../credits.txt in order to get credits from the menu a basic example is Money.java. For a full implementation also use MoneyExample.java Keypress.java.
  2. Keypress: A commented keypress can be found here which uses the proper buttons for the machine Keypress.java.
  3. Images: An image named black.jpg and colour.jpg must be included and be unique images in the parent directory of the game. The game with focus is supposed to be coloured and the other games should be black and white or inverted colours so that it's clear which game has focus. Linux unlike Windows is case sensitive be aware of the case of code for loading images and the case of image names especially extension types ie if you have Image x=loadImage("Example.png") and the images is named example.png it will work in Windows but not in Linux and if you have the image is for some reason called example.PNG it won't work and the case sensitivity will not obviously be the error if extensions are hiddem.
  4. High Score: Scores are intended to be implemented along with keeping track of high scores. An example jar file along with a class which uses it can be found in High Score Example.zip
  5. Main: The main class must be inside a file named useGame in order to run. Games should close automatically after a prolonged period of idleness at the main menu for the game Games must use System.exit(0); when done so that the program isn't still running just invisibly.
  6. Screen Resolution: Games should be 800 x 600 unless they change the resolution themselves, games must be in full screen exclusive mode to do and games must remove the mouse Cursor. An example of how to do a full screen exclusive mode JFrame with no mouse and resolution changing can be found here useGame.java
  7. Game Info: A file named gameInfo.txt must be included in the format of the example provided gameInfo.txt

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