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Friday, October 02, 2020


Course Outline

Course Description
This course helps students use programming and software engineering principles to design and develop algorithms and programs. The Grade 12 Computer and Information Science course prepares students for University programs. The combination of theory and practice encourages students to expand their knowledge and skills in the application of the software design life cycle.


Where Does It Lead?
This course is an introduction to University Computer Science courses.

Why Should I take this course?
Students who plan to go to University in fields like Computer Science, Engineering, Mathamatics, or Science will need to take a first year course in computer programming. This course prepares students for that first year course.

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Units of Study

15 hours - Review Procedural Java & Data Structures
15 hours - Object Oriented Programming
25 hours - Advanced Algorithms / Recursion
10 hours - Software Development / Project Management
45 hours - Project Design

110 hours - Total

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Mark Break Down

    70% - Term Assessment
  • 40% - Practical
  • 15% - Tests
  • 15% - Assignments
  • 30% - Final Summative Assessment
  • 10% - Final Demonstration
  • 20% - Final Exam
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